Design Director John Fairley, Featured in Graphis Journal #367, Bridges Advertising and Creative Design

Located in London, graphic designer John Fairley works as a Design Director for Curious Productions, ensuring that the company has a high standard for creative output in all of their projects. Outside of the office, Fairley indulges in his creative side by working with charities to help the less fortunate. Fairley’s work has appeared in our publications several times, including the Graphis Journal #367

With over 20 years of experience in the design industry, Fairley’s works aim to couple innovative designs with clever advertising. His guiding philosophy at work is to “make brave, bold creative work by collaborating with the very best people and be genuine and kind in the process.”

One can truly see the devotion Fairley has in his collaborations with the automobile industry, which flawlessly tie these target elements together. His advertisement for the Ford Focus St-Line (above) incorporates bold shades of red and smooth lines that draw attention to the vehicle due to their likeness of a roadway. 

Fairley’s passion and philosophy is easily visible through all of his work. He has created advertisements for Subaru (above, right) which stand out due to the unique choice to feature mud on the brand-new car design, as well as for Jotter London, a pen company (above, left).

For John Fairley, the work he puts forward for his clients is more than just work. It is a work he loves to do, and feels grateful that he has the opportunity to love his job, even the unexpected ones: “Yes, we all have to find work but now and again, work finds you.” The advertising industry has certainly found Fairley; his unique eye for design has brought overwhelming success throughout his career. 

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