The Biking Van Life: The Wide Path Bike Camper Featured in Graphis Journal #372

Lusting after a little “van life” lately, but a van’s not quite within your budget? Created by Danish designer Mads Johansen and now owned and produced by small-vehicle distributor Thomas Møller Pedersen, the Wide Path Bike Camper is lightweight, sturdy, and—with a classy design in two colors (red and white)—surprisingly chic. With a proclaimed three minute, no-tools-required set-up, Wide Path easily improves the camping experience.

In towable form, the camper neatly collapses down while still maintaining a whopping 300 liters of storage. Upon arrival, the camper unfolds to a maximum size of about three meters, with plenty of space for a small interior dining area for two that also converts into a bed and nightstand. You can also purchase an optional outdoor dining add-on, making it easy to dine both inside and outside in comfort, or even have a few guests over. 

Starting at around $5,000, this camper doesn’t quite qualify as budget accommodations—though it’s far less costly than a similarly tricked-out van. But even if you add on every single possible upgrade, the price still comes out to less than $8,000. Not too bad! Potential upgrades include a canopy for both sun and rain, a luxury kit (with an extra-thick mattress, two pillows, and a tablecloth), an outdoor kit (with a table and two chairs), and a solar power kit (with an LED light, four USB charging outlets, a ventilation fan, and enough power on one day’s charge to power them all for up to 12 hours). Overall, there are plenty of options for customization to make your trip that much more comfortable.

You might guess it’s a challenge to tow all that along, but at roughly 88 pounds, the trailer is no heavier than a couple of toddlers or a big load of groceries in a cargo bike. And with an electric bike or back-wheel battery? It’s a piece of cake. It’s definitely not the best way to cross a mountainous landscape (flat land is your friend with this one), but it’s small enough to be parked nearly anywhere, and the durable, UV-resistant shell, shatter-proof polycarbonate windows, and lockable door give it a satisfying sense of security and shelter from the elements.

This bike camper is not only a great way to see the sights, but it’s also easy, comfortable, and environmentally friendly too. The earth will thank you heartily for your practically invisible carbon footprint as you cruise the open road all day, make a nice dinner, then snuggle in for a good night’s sleep.

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Author: Holly McWhorter