The ‘Sports Car for the Sky’: The ICON A5 Featured in Graphis Journal #370

Soar in the sky with the ICON A5, featured in Graphis Journal #370.

The ICON A5 is a gem to recreational pilots, especially those new to the field. It is purposefully designed for those who have never flown an aircraft before, and pilots have described the controls as “intuitive” and “[not] too difficult nor too sensitive to steer.” Not only is it easy to use, but the two-seater aircraft is also convenient and ultramodern. It comes with a UV-coated canopy, removable side windows, and folding wings, which allow for unobstructed 180-degree views for both pilot and passenger, and storage is the craft is easy with no need for an airport hanger. 

The founder of ICON Aircraft, Kirk Hawkins, explains that the company’s “long-term goal is to democratize aviation. Humans will move in three dimensions on a personal level,” and the ICON A5 does well to expand the craft of flying to those just starting out. Only a sport pilot license is needed to fly the A5, which requires a minimum of 20 hours of flight time experience compared to the 40 hours required for a private pilot license, and can even run on regular, unleaded automobile fuel (450 miles on 20 gallons) — talk about keeping it simple!

Sleek, light, and always ready for takeoff, the ICON A5 is designed with a Rotax 912 engine and measures in at 34.8 ft in wingspan, 23 ft in length, and 8.1 ft in height. Only requiring a single person about two minutes to prepare for takeoff, the plane’s maximum speed and range totals at 95 KCAS and 427 nm respectively (at standard conditions at sea level), and is able to support a maximum of 1510 lbs at takeoff. The “sports car for the air” starts at $359,000 and all planes are built at ICON Aircraft headquarters in Vacaville, California.

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