The Art of Liquor Labels: Packaging 10 Submissions

More unique packaging ideas have been shared with Graphis as entries for our Packaging 10 competition keep pouring in. This week’s submissions focus on liquor and how vital it is to have both a one-of-a-kind bottle and label design. In order to stick out from competing brands, a package needs to be striking and memorable, and that’s exactly what this week’s entries complete.

Designer Xiongbo Deng from ShenZhen Lingyun Creative Packaging Design Co., Ltd. developed a bottle for Beijing Yuxinlong Wudu Ecological Technology Development Co., Ltd.’s “Guocui Wudu” (above). The drink is made up of five traditional Chinese medicinal materials that are soaked and brewed. While there are similar drinks on the market, competitive products usually contain some dregs left behind from the brewing process. The biggest selling point of Guocui Wudu is that through multiple processes, the purity of the liquor approximates a zero-impurity state, providing consumers a stronger sense of drinkability.

This concept influenced the concept of “cleanliness” as the keynote of the package design, which Deng utilized with blue transparent glass for the container. Having the label separately displayed and hung on the wide bottle cap represents organization; there is not a lot distracting the consumer. Looking at the entire package design, the unique form presents a distinctive aesthetic and demonstrates the concept of medicinal brewing behind the product. While we don’t know how effective this package’s design is since the product is only sold in the Henan Province of China, we think it’ll find great success.

Three by Wade collaborated with HAPI Design Firm designer Mike Vera to create custom “Three By Wade Wine Labels” (above). Created by Dwayne Wade, the brand needed labels that legitimized his establishment into wine production; therefore, the task was to create a unique, sophisticated label series that reflected Wade’s contemporary style and tastes. Utilizing Wade’s brandmark and creating a stylistic “three” (Wayne’s jersey number), HAPI developed numerous label designs that displayed the unique flavors and essences of the individual wines. At the same time, each bottle of red, rose, and blanc all work together to represent one connected brand.

Thanks to the labels, there was an increase in organic and earned media awareness and positive reception through Wade’s publicist and network. Wade himself utilized his personal style and appeal to introduce and promote his new wines. On top of this, he sent bottles to major influencers who pushed the wine on their own social feeds to increase views. 

Have these designs and others inspired you to submit yours? If so, be sure to enter our Packaging 10 competition by July 27, 2021, and see if you win a Platinum, Gold, or Silver award!

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