Simple Reigns Supreme: 2021 Advertising Annual Winners

A new week means more Platinum and Gold winners from our 2021 Advertising Annual. Taking basic concepts and manipulating them to create memorable advertisements, Google’s simplistic look for their Pixel 4 and Wichita Brewing Company’s classic punchlines show that you don’t need to be fancy to be eyecatching and award-winning. 

Pixel 4 by Google needed an advertisement that would bring the Pixel identity closer to the master brand while confidently differentiating it from category competitors such as iPhone or Galaxy. As such, they partnered with ad agency 72andSunny Los Angeles to develop the colorful ad “Pixel 4” (above), using simple graphics that form the identity of the operating system’s user interface. They also placed the graphic elements onto photoreal environments equipped with subtle texturing and shading. Consumer testing showed that the OOH campaign was high-performing across the board, with excellent consideration scores. It’s no wonder Pixel 4’s success placed them as a Platinum winner.

2020 was an interesting year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and mask protocols were put into place, and uncertainty regarding the virus was plastered all across the media. Funny enough, companies were able to use this pandemic to their advantage when creating advertisements, and that’s exactly what the Wichita Brewing Company did with their Gold-winning entry. 

WBC Social Distancing Campaign (above) was created by advertising firm PPK, USA, whose initial assignment was to create some organic posts to encourage social distancing in a fun way that showcased WBC’s beers. The posts were so well received, they decided to turn them into some posters for the WBC tasting room. They were purposely made an odd shape – very long and horizontal – so they would catch people’s attention and really stand out. In reminding people of the necessity of staying six feet apart while cracking a joke, especially during these difficult times. Wichita Brewing Company’s products were put in a positive, memorable light. Since then, society and the WBC tasting room have opened up again. The posters and ads have been a refreshing sight, producing enthusiasm, grins, and lots of positive feedback. Most importantly, these posters continue to remind people to stay safe. 

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