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Poster: New and Winning Work from NY Displays What the City Has to Offer

Great poster design does more than advertise, it creates a visual event on its own…

Poster: Marcos Minini, Rafael Fernandes & Thiago Lacaz Represent Brazil’s Strong Poster Designs

This week’s featured posters come from some of Brazil’s best designers

Poster: Past Winning Posters from Canada Effortlessly Gather Audiences

These gold and silver winning posters capture the attention of potential audience members and consumers.

Poster: Gold-Winning Posters by João Machado & Husmee Use Type to Tell a Story

Simplicity and clever placement of text and objects can tell a story in one glance.

Protest Posters 2: New International Entries Confront Issues with Confidence

These call-to-action posters from around the world deal with ongoing social and political issues.

Graphis Master: John Mattos’ Retro Posters Still Make an Impact

John Mattos’ retro posters are recognizable, having impacted film and sporting events for decades.

New Talent: Art Center College of Design Pumps Out Modernist Works

The Art Center College of Design continuously works to promote the very best in design, branding, and…

New Talent: Texan Students Show Their Worth With These Wondrous Works

Students from The University of Texas at Arlington and Texas A&M University Commerce present tantalizing works

New Talent: Records and Railways—Some of the Coolest Designs Coming Out SVA

These forward-thinking School of Visual Arts students elevate what we can expect of record sleeves and transportation…

Design: Inspiring Platinum- and Gold-Winning Works from London and New York

These designers elevate ordinary brands to new heights of esteem

New Talent: Socially Conscious Winning Works and New Entries from Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School presents some a new class of socially conscious inventiveness

Graphis Master: Prolific Israeli Artist Dan Reisinger Presents Unequivocal Brilliance

Graphis is proud to present Dan Reisinger as this week’s Graphis Master