Super Yacht? Superhouse! The Superhouse Featured in Graphis Journal #374

For those who love the luxury superyacht experience so much that they’d like to enjoy it on land, UK-based Ström Architects has designed the perfect solution: the Superhouse. The idea is to design a limited series of up to 30 houses for super-wealthy clients across the world, with each house designed to the client’s exact lifestyle specifications. Inspired by his collaborations with a renowned naval architect who now designs luxury watercraft for private clients, studio founder Magnus Ström takes ideas from the necessarily streamlined—yet ultra-comfortable—features of superyachts, and applies them to residential architecture while tailoring each home to the owner’s very specific needs.

Boat and house design are worlds apart in many ways, but with the Superhouse concept, Ström borrows from superyacht design the need to balance luxurious features with tight practical constraints. When applied to a house that otherwise wouldn’t have so many practical limitations, the result is a home featuring all the super premium bells and whistles while also embodying the sleek styling and clever functional integrations more typical of watercraft.

The first house in the series, presented here as a concept that will be customized to the buyer’s individual needs, is designed for a location in Spain’s Balearic Islands. A secluded oceanside hideaway, it is approached like a luxury resort—by either private road or via a long jetty where an actual superyacht can dock. Ocean views are showcased throughout. And in line with the needs of many members of the ultrawealthy class, the residence is designed to showcase a sizable collection of fine art, with a double-height gallery space. Of course, any self-respecting superyacht needs to have a show-stopping pool. In this case, it’s a 50-meter infinity pool extending along the front of the property, creating a seamlessly integrated view of the pool’s surface and that of the ocean. Elsewhere, living spaces are split between the ground floor, where there are accommodations for live-in staff as well as kitchen and spa areas, and the second floor that houses the owner and guest suites.

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Author: Graphis