Lights, Color, Action: Photo New Entries

Our 2023 Photography competition is almost at its end, and with it, we have plenty of new and exciting entries to share. This week’s photos show us what lighting, color, and contrast can do to make a composition not only stand out but let its subjects shine.

Our first entry, “Dance #2,” comes from the studio of Patrick Molnar and is part of a personal project he created for his portfolio. He wanted to photograph some of the best freestyle dancers in Atlanta, and this particular dancer is dressed in full costume, accentuated by patterned jewelry and an array of fiery bright feathers. The color and movement of the dancer are then contrasted against a plain white background, where the plainness and lack of detail draw the viewer’s eye towards the dancer by default and have them serve to literally light up the room. This photo is a wonderful example of using color and contrast to bring your attention to the subject.

Our next two entries come from photographer Allison Smith and creative director Siobhan Bonnouvrier and are both meant to advertise different events hosted at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The first photograph, “Tunnel Vision” (above, left) was created to advertise SCAD’s annual fashion show. Like Molnar’s photo, this image also uses contrast to highlight the subjects, with another plain white background serving to help the outfits stand out. However, the use of a corner, played up with by the posing of the subjects, also gives the photo more depth and intrigue. The neon light strips also add a bit of color without distracting from the subjects. 

Neon lighting is used even more extensively in their next piece, created to advertise SCAD’s production of the jukebox musical “All Shook Up” (above, right), which tells the story of a female mechanic falling in love with a rebellious roustabout in 1950s America. Here, the neon serves as the one major source of lighting for the entire photo, making the subjects glow underneath it. The sunset colors create an inviting, intriguing, fun, and distinctly retro atmosphere. Everything serves to highlight the couple rather than distract from them, while also advertising the play by creating a scene that you want to get lost in.

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Author: Graphis