Soundboards and Sticky Notes: Latest New Talent 2022 Entries

Slowing down and thinking about what we want can be challenging, but these two designs seem to have it down pat. Today’s New Talent 2022 entries remind us of this virtue in their own very special ways.

Control What You Hear (above) was designed by Samiddha Singh, a student at the Newhouse School of Syracuse University. This design was created as an advertising project for Professor Mel White, with Singh aimming to make a design that would show the advantages of the adjustable noise cancelling technology offered by Bose’s new QuietComfort headphones.

The design features an ear with an DJ soundboard inside the eardrum, symbolically showing that with Bose QuietComfort, the wearer can control outside noise just how they would when playing their own music, or just how a DJ would when playing at an event. This approach relies on the idea that people want to control the outdoor noises that they’re subjected to on a daily basis. Those wearing these headphones will be able to do just that with a simple click. Singh’s design would surely be very successful, as it encourages people to control what they never thought they could.

Finally a Plan; Stick to It” (above) also encourages its audience to stop and think about what they want, and what “setting” of the world they’re going to pursue. Designed by Abigail Cowen, a student at Texas Christian University, under the direction of Professor David Elizalde, this piece looks at classic Post-its in a whole new way.

For the design, Cowen chose to stick with the original canary yellow square. This was done to focus on the product itself rather than the changes that the company has made over time. Being a student, Post-it reminds Cowen how to stay organized amid all the deadlines and projects a college student has. Yet as much as a Post-it’s purpose is to remind us of what we have to get done, they also help us slow down and think about what we want to do and in what way. Cowen’s design reminds us to do just that, encouraging us to take a minute to organize ourselves and provides a moment to calm down and think, which is something we all need these days. It’s a whole new way to look at Post-its other than as that helpful little sticky tab.

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