Pepsi’s Innovative International Designs: Latest Packaging 10 Competition Entries

PepsiCo Design and Innovation has been creating multiple products in other countries that are impressing us here at Graphis. These designs are unique and bring a sense of modernity to the plentiful dull packaging you might find when strolling through the store. We think these designs are great, and we hope you do too!

Pepsi x NFL – Mexico”(above), PepsiCo’s new soda can design, features images from four of the NFL’s greatest teams: the Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the New England Patriots. This new series being released in Mexico, which houses some of the biggest fans for these four teams. PepsiCo wanted to ensure that this design would get a second look among all the other products sporting brand deals with the NFL. As such, the design team knew they’d need more than some nice art and a fun logo, so they went in their own special direction. With a look based on a disruptive style of art, these cans captured iconic moments of the game such as touchdowns and epic runs. The designs also used dynamic angles and textures combined with team-specific color palettes to create a unified collection for the NFL. These great designs are really helping people in Mexico get ready for their favorite team’s next game!

To anticipate the season of Spring, PepsiCo also came out with “Lay’s Spring LTO” (above) which was available exclusively in China. With three limited-edition flavors inspired by popular Chinese ingredients – sakura, chestnut, and waxberry – Lay’s was certainly gearing up for the season. When it came to packaging design, the team’s designers chose to channel China’s artistic and culinary heritage in a variety of ways. Looking into trends, PepsiCo researchers found that China’s young generation has a newfound appreciation for their culture and heritage partially due to their inability to travel outside of the country with Covid-19 restrictions. This decision translated to the packaging for these snacks, which drew on Chinese artistic styles and motifs such as detailed wood, ceramics, and blossoming flowers. These elements were made to channel China’s artistic and culinary heritage, but with a modern touch that served as a way to build a new and exciting legacy for Lay’s China.  

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