Something New, Something Brewed: New Talent 2023 Latest Entries

It takes some distinctive branding design to draw people into buying goods or services. Not only do you not want to produce something already seen before, but you also need to capture the feel of what’s being promoted. This week’s New Talent entries show thoughtful consideration for how they want their brand to be seen.

The 48° Nord is not your normal hotel. Amidst the trees, natural hedges, and wild grasses of France, this Breitenbach landscape hotel reinterprets the traditional Scandinavian hytte (meaning “cabin” in Norweigan) and proposes a holistic, true ecotourism experience. As such, the goal of ArtCenter College of Design student Yiyin “Kenny” Zhang‘s rebranding project was to build an intimate and approachable identity system that could vitalize the sensibilities of the brand and take people on a sensual journey by experiencing the very essence of nature’s best qualities.

Under the direction of professor Annie Huang, Zhang highlights the nature and hotel itself in “48° NORD Rebranding” (above) to revitalize the sensibilities of the whole brand and make its visual identity more recognizable and distinct. The rebranding covers everything from business cards, menus, and brochures to signs, guidebooks, and toiletries. At first glance, the choice of muted colors and simple text is plain, but combined with stunning images of the hotel’s building, the rebranding gives a sense of what staying there would be like; peaceful, relaxing, and uncomplicated.

Alcoholic seltzer has been a trend for quite some time, and that popularity doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Riding on that popularity, professor Abby Guido from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and Architecture tasked student Ruifeng Chen with creating either a new beer, spirits, or cannabis beverage company designed for a specific audience. The final product? “Four Eyes Hard Seltzer” (above), a line of four different hard seltzers with flavors like watermelon, green lemon, blood orange, and black mission fig. Each can pops with its mix of white and fruit-based colors with fruit slices alongside the brand’s logo of a hand with an eye in the palm. Chen went as far as to make a gift set containing all four flavors and a custom set of playing cards featuring the same graphics as the cans.

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Author: Graphis