Fast Cars, Fantastic Images: New Photography 2023 Entries

The key to creating compelling car ads is having strong, high-quality photography that shows off the car’s best features. In this week’s photography submissions, two great photographers show us the innovative techniques that allowed them to capture stunning car images! 

Aman Shakya is a studio photographer based in Savannah, GA. After receiving his undergraduate degree in information technology from the Assumption University of Thailand, Shakya moved to Georgia to study at the Savannah College of Art and Design where he received his masters in photography. Since then, Shakya has continued to nourish his craft, developing a keen eye for light and showing boundless expertise in both image compositing and post-producing. For his submission “Beamer” (above), Shakya shot SCAD’s new extended reality (XR) stage, a virtual production set that provides film students with a hyperrealistic background and surrounding to create an immersive environment. 

In Shakya’s photo, the BMW, nicknamed “Beamer”, is set on the stage in front of an intergalactic planet, brightly lit by a blue, purple, and pink glow and an eclipsed sun. Unlike a traditional green screen, the XR stage is a combination of animation and live-action which take any real object or person standing on it and seamlessly integrates them into an animated world. This gives photographers and filmmakers quality images without additional lighting adjustments or post-production edits to account for accurate environmental reflection information and illumination. Due to these advancements, the car looks fully immersed in the digital environment, giving us a photograph that looks straight out of a high-budget commercial.

Working primarily in commercial photography, Canadian photographer Jeffrey Carlson enjoys combining his creative strategy with the multidisciplinary skills of on-set crew members to deliver stunning content for video media platforms. For his assignment, Carlson was hired to photograph Cadillac’s latest car model within the company’s live studio. Balancing the pre-staged lighting along with continuous LED, Carlson and the company’s creative team ensured that the “Cadillac CT5 Blackwing” (above) stood out in the white-on-white environment, creating depth and visible definition between the car and the background. This allowed the car’s qualities to speak for themselves while maintaining minimal and sophisticated visual imagery that fits seamlessly within Cadilac’s clean, modern, and sleek brand identity. The shoot proved to be so successful that the company invited Carlson back for an additional shoot a few months later to showcase the whole lineup within the Cadillac Live Studio.

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Author: Graphis