Social&Political Protest Posters Winners Announcement

We are pleased to announce the Platinum winners of the Social/Political Protest competitionAndrea Castelletti, Extra Credit Projects, Garbett Design, Jan Sabach DesignLooking, Mark Gowing Design, Pentagram DesignSTUDIO INTERNATIONAL and Tsushima Design.

Graphis congratulates all of the winners for their outstanding achievements and is proud to share the winning work with our readers. The winners have been posted on and the book is available for pre-order in our store by clicking here. All entrants and Graphis professional members receive a 60 percent discount.

The Social/Political Protest competition features some of the most captivating designs about the world’s problems, which generally never changed. Stay up-to-date in our competitions!

The Gold winners in Social/Political Protest Posters include: 601 Design, Inc., Ameba Design Ltd., Andrea Castelletti, Atelier Pascal Colrat, Ben Brucker, berger + stadel + walsh, BOTH Creative Design Agency, Christopher Scott, Chung Yang Chen, Donny Grafiks, Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios, End of Work, ERIC CAI DESIGN CO., Eric Chan Design Co. Ltd., Extra Credit Projects, Francois Robert Photography, Garbett Design, Graphic communication laboratory, Grisseman Graphic Design, IF STUDIO, Jan Sabach Design, Jerry Aurum Design & Photography, João Machado Design Lda, Joseph Jibri Design, Katsui Design Office Inc., Länk Graphic Design & Illustration, Leadshow Brand Design & Associates Co., Ltd., Logan Miller, Looking, Marlena Buczek Smith, Mark Gowing Design, Matt Willey, Michael Miller & Eric Chan, Milani Design, Milton Glaser, Inc., Morla Design, MoZa Studio, Next, Pakaste-Warner Design, Pentagram Design, Publicis Toronto,, RM&CO, Ryan Russell Design, Scott Laserow, Posters, Studio Razum&Osjećaji, Studio Uwe Loesch, studiotwentysix2, SVIDesign, Takashi Akiyama Studio, Tetsuro Minorikawa, Texas State University -San Marcos, The Martin Agency, Wayne State College, Wesam Mazhar Haddad and WorktoDate.

The Silver winners in Social/Political Protest Posters include: Altitude, Andrea Castelletti, Asylum, Atelier Pascal Colrat, Austin Jennings Studio, BEK Design, Brand Cube, Dalida Karic-Hadziahmetovic, ERIC CAI DESIGN CO., Finn Nygaard Studio, Garbett Design, gggrafik design, Hahmo Design Ltd., Human Paradise Studio, Jason Dietrick, João Machado Design Lda, John Gravdahl Design, Kari Piippo Oy, l’atelier starno, Les Cheneaux Design Studio, Lewis Communications, Looking, Mario Fuentes, Mark Gowing Design, Marlena Buczek Smith, Mike Salisbury LLC, Milani Design, Nieblas Design, Pakaste-Warner Design, Paul Derrick Design, Pentagram Design, PettisDesign LLC,, RM&CO, Scorsone/Drueding, Sha Feng, Shima Design Office Inc., Sommese Design, SVIDesign, Takashi Akiyama Studio, Tetsuro Minorikawa, Todot Design Co., Ltd., Toyotsugu Itoh Design Office, Triangle Tree, Vivien Sung Design and Wesam Mazhar Haddad.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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