Short and Speedy: Owl by Aspark in Graphis Journal #373

The need for speed is infectious among thrill-seekers everywhere. The desire for faster, more efficient cars is one that’s persisted since the automobile’s inception, and the latest contestant in this ongoing game is the Owl by Aspark.

Aspark was founded in 2005 by Masanori Yoshida in Osaka, Japan, and is one of the leading Asian providers of engineering services for the automotive, electronic, and industrial sectors. The company now has more than 25 offices in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Switzerland, with over 3,300 employees and a global turnover of more than $160 million US dollars. With the launch of the fully electric Owl hypercar, they have now taken the first step towards becoming a car manufacturer.

To stand out among its competitors, the Owl boasts some impressive capabilities. Able to go from 0 to 60mph in 1.69 seconds, the car’s top speed clocks in at 400km/h, or roughly 250mph. The car’s four electric motors produce a total power of 1480kW and 2012 horsepower, with an overall torque of 2000 Newton meters. Aspark claims that the motor’s rotation should be the fastest in the world with 15000 rpm and that the Owl has two times the power of Formula-1 cars. 

Speed isn’t the Owl’s only notable feature, however. The car’s body, chassis, and many of its components are fashioned from top-level carbon fiber materials, and it features a handmade, premium interior as well. It has a unique battery pack with a range of up to 450km, or 280m. Most strikingly of all, the car has a total height of 99cm, or a little over 3ft, likely making it the lowest road-legal electric car in the world. The car will be limited to only 50 produced worldwide, and each will be fully customizable by those who order them, making each car special.

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Author: Graphis