See The Nat. History Museum of LA’s Engaging New Campaign, and a Brand Overhaul from Projekt, Inc!

The Design and Digital Department of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles enters the Graphis Design Annual 2021 with their above brand campaign, “What Blows Your Mind?” The idea was to drive traffic to their online self-guided tours and emphasize that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Most of the imagery consists of various famous pieces displayed on the upper half of a person’s head, creating a visual representation of the slogan. Furthermore, they created an interactive social media activity visitors could participate in by posting what “blew their minds” at the museum. The design team previously won Silver in the Design Annual 2017 and 2018.

Designers Sean M. Costik and Tracey Williamson from USA design firm, Projekt, Inc, enter their entire brand overhaul for Natural Force, moving away from an atypical masculine image and more with a specific focus on sustainability. The simple idea behind the new design was to show exactly what these products are by using glass bottles and see-through plastic bags.

By focusing on transparency and the food itself with high-quality photography, the new branding is simplistic and sleek. Projeckt Inc. redesigned everything from the logo to the packaging materials. Their packaging uses 70% less plastic in a refreshing move, which points to the new trend in eco-conscious product design.

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