See Iconic TV and Film Posters From Award-Winning Agency Cold Open in Graphis Journal #360!

If you’re a fan of movies and tv, odds are you have come across a key image designed by California Ad Agency, Cold Open. Founded by John Peed in 1999, they have done work for Netflix, HBO, ABC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Brothers, and many more. They have also won many Graphis Gold and Silver awards across our advertising and poster competitions over the years, winning Platinum in the Poster Annual 2014 and Advertising Annual 2018.

The talented team’s work for the SyFy show “Dominion” (above, right), won Silver in the Poster Annual 2016. Like many of the prominent winners in our competitions, Cold Open is a Graphis Master in design and has been featured alongside international talents in our Graphis Journal.

Featured above are posters for Sony Pictures’ “Whiplash” (left) and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” (right). “Whiplash” also won Silver in Poster 2016, while “Boardwalk Empire” won Gold in the Poster 2014.

Graphis had the wonderful opportunity to interview some of the key members of the Cold Open team: founder and CEO John Peed, Gardner DeFranceaux (Exec. VP of Creative), and Andrew Rubey (VP of Creative) for Journal #360. In their Q&A, they relate their work philosophy, influences, and future goals.

When asked about his greatest achievement, John Peed says, “Mine is a work in progress – I’m not sure I’ve achieved it yet. But right now, it’s creating a work environment everyone enjoys, where we’re all successful and making great art. Hopefully, when I retire, I’ll say my greatest achievement was Cold Open.”

You can read the full Q&A and see high-quality presentations of their award-winning poster designs in Graphis Journal #360.

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