See a Celebratory Poster from John Gravdahl and a Series on Plagiarism by Lisa Winstanley!

United States designer, John Gravdahl submits his commemorative poster to the Graphis Design Annual 2021. Titled, “Celebrate 40 Years CIIPE,” the design celebrates the 40th Anniversary of the Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE). John Gravdahl is a designer and illustrator who has had success in multiple international competitions including the Graphis Design and Poster Annuals, where he is a consistent Gold and Silver winner. His entry above takes a geometric approach and creatively displays type in a simple yet effective way.

Based in Singapore, designer and educator Lisa Winstanley creates a 7-part campaign series titled, “Cut and Paste: Preventing Visual Plagiarism” for Nanyang Technological University. Including a folder, posters, stickers, a book and more, this informative campaign is aimed at young Singaporean designers in order to brighten up the conversation of plagiarism, a conversation that is important for emerging designers but not one that people are eager to have. Lisa Winstanley uses friendly and familiar imagery such as the university’s colors, red and blue, to make the topic more approachable.

The deadline is almost here! Take the opportunity to submit your best designs to the Design Annual 2021!

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