Rebranding History: 2022 Design Annual Winners

As the year 2021 comes to a close, let’s take a look at some of our award-winning Design entries from this year that revolutionized rebranding and celebrated the history of the companies they honored.  

Crane Paper Company Brand Identity” (above) is a Platinum award-winning entry that was conceptualized by American design firm COLLINS for the historically renowned paper company Crane. Spearheaded by designers Jump Jirakaweekul and Camille M. Suavé under the creative direction of Nick Ace, the piece celebrates Crane’s pioneering history as the first printers of America’s currency and establishers of its anti-counterfeit measures through the use of engravings. 

As part of the company’s rebranding, the designers at COLLINS opted to honor the company’s history while simultaneously introducing a modern style to its identity. The series features elegant typography by Jacob Wise as well as beautifully embedded line work, letting transcending Crane from a paper company to a smartly designed entity. The rebranding’s complementary, pastel color palette coupled with its fluid, water-like visual, creates a timeless, simple, yet stunning craft of work that cements Crane’s continued achievement in its field and its ability to adapt to modern, aesthetic-obsessed audiences.  

Adding onto our list of winners, “Kishwaukee Brewing Co. Branding” (above) is a Silver-winning entry designed by Michael O’Brien and Braden Nauman at Conjure as part of the branding development for a new brewery in Woodstock, Illinois: the aformentioned Kishwaukee Brewing Co. Under the creative direction of Chris Froeter, the team at Conjure worked to create a visual brand identity based on the natural landscapes of the Kishwaukee River and the rich culture of the area.

The end result is a culmination of minimalist illustrations that feature the robust flora and fauna of this unique location. With its overall visual aesthetic harking back to traditional, Native artwork, this branding design turns a local brewing company into a celebration of the lands it was built on. 

Our 2023 Design Annual is well underway, with deadlines to submit your own entries still open! Visit for more information. 

Author: Graphis