Design Dreamland: Poster Annual 2022 Winners & Poster Annual 2023 New Entries

With a whole new batch of poster designs that show the very best work, here at Graphis we’re so excited to show you what’s new! We sincerely hope you enjoy some of our gold and silver award winners along with the new entries we’ve received!

Firstly, “WHO IS NEXT” (above, left) was designed by Marlena Buczek Smith as a way to combat gun violence and advocate for gun control in the United States. With quite the powerful message, Smith’s work is a great representation of some of the entries for our Poster Annual 2023 book.

In a look that is more focused on a key art design, FX Networks and Icon Arts Creative’sBlack Narcissus-Key Art 1” (above, right) was created as an online and outdoor promotion for the release of the three-part mini series. Based on the 1947 film of the same name, this new mini series aimed to channel the same themes from the original film with a modern lens.  The design team wanted to follow this goal with the poster design by creating a true “in camera” moment in which they chose an intense, forced perspective to highlight the extreme height of the monastery nestled in the Himalayas where the miniseries takes place. This poster was quite the success, earning a number of accolades at the end of 2020, and winning the Gold award in our Poster Annual 2022 book.

Winner of Graphis’ Silver Award, Shuichi Nogami’sInvisible Communication” (above, left) was created for the 13th Annual International Poster Triennial in Toyama, which took place this year. When creating the design, Nogami chose to express the invisible communication barriers that are difficult to convey with words alone. The exhibition itself will be posted before the new year arrives!

Finally, “Don’t Panic!” (above, right) was designed by Taber Calderon for the Art Moves Festival in Torun, Poland. It was created as a commission to promote a positive attitude during the pandemic. Calderon chose to approach the project with a direct and clever message that included play on words, and the client was very pleased with the result. It was successful in bringing some positivity during a dark time. This amazing poster was also a winner of Graphis’ Silver Award.

If any of these great designs intrigued you, please check out to see some more!  Or if you’ve got some designs of your own to share, we’d love to see them!

Author: Graphis