Putting the Pieces Together: Together and Apart Featured in Graphis Journal #372

Ever wanted shape-shifting furniture that adapts to your needs? Brooklyn-based Danish architect and designer Bjarke Ballisager has you covered!

Together and Apart’s cleverly elegant, patent-pending furniture system allows consumers the maximum customization experience. With a modular design and an elegantly interlocking toothed edge, consumers can adjust the furniture’s dimensions to their hearts’ desire. You can even order multiple units and mix and match to create anything from chairs and side tables to nightstands and beyond! The sky’s the limit! 

Warm, welcoming white oak wood is the default look, but consumers can also choose from a variety of materials and styles, including naturally-colored or black-stained ebonized ash, cork oak, and even eco-friendly EVA foam (with the potential to choose nearly any color and style you can dream up). Together and Apart also looks and feels great in any setting – indoor, outdoor, at home, in the office – so consumers can unleash near-infinite functional and aesthetic potential.

Furniture design isn’t the only pie Bjarke Ballisager has his fingerss in either. The creative genius behind Together and Apart also has experience in plenty of other creative endeavors, from architecture to digital fabrication. Despite the breadth of his talents, consumers can easily recognize his signature thoughtfulness, craftsmanship, and attention to tactile sensation, which persists from project to project. Ballisager credits his interest in the relationship between people and their interactions with their environment to an apprenticeship with a Copenhagen-based violin-maker early in his career. Since then, he has lovingly curated a passion for intelligent, people-oriented design that follows him throughout his work. Ballisager also heavily prioritizes social and environmental sustainability in his creations, so everything he touches looks beautiful, works like a dream, and makes the world a little bit better in the process. 

While currently made-to-order, Ballisager hopes to soon increase the production and availability of Together and Apart for the mass market.

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Author: Graphis