Poster Spotlight Submissions: Japan and Spain

x Left Design Firm: Atlas | Right Designer: Jisuke Matsuda

Two stunning Graphis Poster Annual submissions emerge this week: Atlas’s Viva Massimo, a tribute to Massimo Vignelli for an exhibition in Northern Spain and Jisuke Matsuda’s King Lear, the first poster of the Create Theatre Poster series that advertises the upcoming Shakespearean play in an edgy, modern eloquence.

Commissioned by Husmee Studio Graphique, Viva Massimo is based on the modernist design language, using two of Vignelli’s favorite typefaces: Futura and Bodoni. The initials of Vignelli’s name are created within the M, emphasizing, they write in their commentary, “the simplicity through the use of basic geometric shapes with an added typographic twist.” Astrid Stavro, Nuria Cabrera and Pablo Martin are the designers behind Atlas, a Spanish design consultancy based in Palma de Mallorca. The studio consists of a team of eight designers who work together to produce award winning work.

Jisuke Matsuda, the Japanese designer behind King Lear, integrates the letters, “King Lear,” to represent the anger and sadness that the character represents. “Shakespeare’s expressive works, which tell us how people feel and act, are here represented by the typography of human beings,” writes Matsuda in his commentary.

The Graphis Poster Competition features the most compelling and influential posters of the year. We are an international organization that promotes work from across the world. Gold and Platinum awards, along with winning entries, will be published in the Poster Annual 2015. Submit your work to the Poster Annual 2015 competition here.

Author: Rachel Lowry

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