Poster: Fidel Peña, Tivadar Bote & more from Canada

Fidel Peña of Underline Studio based in Toronto is responsible for the above poster (left), which won a Gold Award in Poster Annual 2017. Designed for client Advertising & Design Club of Canada, “The posters were used as part of social media campaign and sold at the event to raise funds for the ADCC.”

The studio takes on “a wide range of projects in brand, corporate, and marketing communications” and they are “global in outlook and tastes, blending classic and emerging design thinking in work across the private and public sectors.”

The poster above to the right is another Gold Award-winning poster submitted to the Poster Annual 2017 competition. Designed by Tivadar Bote, the poster was created to promote the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Tivadar Bote’s “work is based on a strong European tradition of German and Austrian trademark design, composed of bold geometric forms coupled with a whimsical, playful element underlining his work. This design esthetic is also strongly influenced and adapted from early woodblock printing in Japan, moku hanga which is a technique best known for its use in the ukiyo-e artistic genre.”


The brightly colored poster above (left) was also designed by Tivadar Bote and was submitted to our current Poster Annual 2019 competition. This poster was created to “celebrate the success of our students in the School of Communication Design Program at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta.”
The Silver Award-winning poster to the right was submitted to Poster Annual 2015 by Darcy Twarog of TAXI Vancouver. The poster was meant to promote the Vancouver Aquarium’s new exhibit, “Jelly Invasion.”
“Our name is a simple way to describe our philosophy. We believe a small team of bright people, about as many as can fit into a cab, should drive every piece of business. So everyone, including the client, is headed in the same direction.”
The Poster Annual 2019 competition is still open for entries! The deadline is Tuesday, January 30, 2018. The earlier you enter, the greater your chances are to be featured on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.
Author: Graphis