Nudes: Graphis Masters Parish Kohanim & Phil Bekker

The bisected nude photograph above (left) was entered to the Nudes5 competition by Atlanta-based Photography Education Master Phil Bekker.

Phil Bekker was a Photography Professor at the Art Institute of Atlanta for thirty years, and has been an Award-Winning Commercial & Fine Art photographer since 1980. See more of his work here.

The image beside it was shot by Graphis Photography Master Parish Kohanim and won a Gold Award in Photography Annual 2017. The “series of Photos [were shot] for a limited edition coffee table book with Cirque performers called Luminosa.”

Parish Kohanim has been intimately involved with photography for over 25 years. Parish, who is a renowned commercial photographer, is now devoting his efforts towards his first love, fine art photography. Parish’s passion for the subtle beauty of life is apparent in his photographs. He has focused on many exquisite subjects, and is able to bring them out of the frame and into the live imagination of the viewer.

The blue nude above was also shot by Parish Kohanim as an updated image for “a follow-up study of a male with the same approach of blue paint and blue background.”
The Nudes5 competition is still open for your entries! The deadline is now Tuesday, February 13. The sooner you enter, the greater your chance of being featured on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms!
Author: Graphis