Poster: Eric Karnes, Scott Laserow & more from PA, US

Designer Eric Karnes won a Gold Award for the poster above (left), created for client Meg J. Roberts, an artist and jewelry designer in Richmond, Virginia. The poster is meant to be “an interpretation of the evolution from sketch to physical piece,” and “it was designed and given as a gift so that she would have something to announce the addition of new fine art and craft work to her website.”

Eric Karnes is a graphic designer and currently Assistant Professor in the Graphic Design Communication Program at at Philadelphia University. He also runs Karnes Poster Company on the side.
The poster beside it won a Platinum Award in Poster Annual 2015. Designed by Scott Laserow, it was created for client Segunda Llamada.
According to his website, “Laserow is the principal at Zc Creative, a full-service design studio offering print and interactive services, which he started in 1992. He is also a full Professor of Graphic and Interactive design at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, in Philadelphia, where, for 25 years, he has taught at every level from foundations to graduate course, teaching everything from identities and branding to animation, website design and development, digital publication and tablet applications. Since 2004, Laserow has focused increasingly on posters as a design challenge and an instrument of social change.”


A Gold Award Winner in Poster Annual 2015, the poster above was designed by Lanny Sommese. He has been a faculty member at Penn State University since 1970 and is a fellow of Penn State’s Institute for Arts and Humanities, an honorary member of The University and College Designers Association, a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, and was selected as the Fellow of the AIGA Philadelphia Chapter in 2010. His work is featured in many museum collections and has been exhibited around the world.
The poster beside it was entered into our current Poster Annual 2019 competition. Designed by Bob Warkulwiz for the AIGA Philly 35th Anniversary, the poster commemorates the significant event by illustrating a “parody [of] the signing of the Declaration of Independence with replacement faces of the new Philadelphia chapter members standing in for the Founding Fathers, thus declaring their independence and autonomy from the yolk of Manhattan design.”

The Poster Annual 2019 competition is still open for your entries! Submit your work by Tuesday, January 30, 2018. The earlier you enter, the greater your chances are of being featured on our website, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms.

Author: Graphis