Photo: Colin Faulkner, Mark Zibert & more from Canada

The elegant floral photograph above was shot by Graphis Master Colin Faulkner and won a Gold Award in Photography Annual 2016.

After being raised in Thailand and Canada, Colin Faulkner chose a career in photography over his first love, sculpture. His talent for capturing the beauty in everyday objects has won him countless awards and earned him a reputation as one of North America’s best environmental and still-life photographers.
The Platinum Award-winning Photography Annual 2015 image of Margaret Atwood beside it was taken by Mark Zibert of Toronto, ON for Bullett Magazine.
Mark is both a commercial Photographer and a director, and his client list includes several well-known names such as Nike, Adidas, The International Paralympic Committee, Sapporo Beer, Nissan, Stella Artois, Blackbook, Pepsi, and ESPN.


The two seafood still life shots above were photographed by Stacey Brandford and submitted to our current Photography Annual 2018 competition.
As a Photographer, his focus has been “on interiors, food and travel.” He is fascinated by urban life and especially thrives on the road. “I love to see how people from different places live—in their homes, out on the streets, and in bustling public markets.”

The final deadline for the Photography Annual 2018 competition is next Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Enter your work before it’s too late—there will be no further extensions!

Author: Graphis