New Talent Annual 2014 Platinum Winner Spotlight: Professor Piotr Kunce, Student Katarzyna Zapart

Professor: Piotr Kunce | Student: Katarzyna Zapart | Title: A Series of Posters for the STU Theatre

Katarzyna Zapart – A Series of Posters for the STU Theatre

A student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków professor Piotr KunceKatarzyna Zapart’s Series of Posters for the STU Theatre to the upcoming New Talent Annual 2014 became an instant favorite of ours here at Graphis and was awarded a Platinum award. Additional Eastern European Designers that have contributed to Graphis include Romanians Lavinia Veres, 
Octavian Horvath
 Ciprian Bădălan, Cristian Petre, and Christian ‘Kit’ Paul
Nikolay Kovalenko
hails from Ukraine and Pavel Nagaev and Vitaly Stavisky are from Russia.

Professor: Piotr Kunce | Student: Katarzyna Zapart | Title: A Series of Posters for the STU Theatre

Timeless are Shakespeare’s ten tragedies, which shed light on the grotesque within the beautiful through stories of betrayal, madness and shattered dreams. Katarzyna Zapart’s poster series was a fittingly aberrant reflection of the play’s overarching themes. They incite intrigue and curiosity long before the spectator takes a step into the theatre. In the credits & commentary section of the
New Talent Annual 2014,
 Zapart described her approach to designing the series of posters:

Every single poster was a new challenge for me, because the most important thing is an idea. My goal was to create unconventional — for example, to escape from skull and crown in “Hamlet.” I wanted to hit the recipient with real objects in unusual juxtapositions that can be seen as poignant metaphors.

Professor Kunce hails from Kraków, Poland, where he is head of the Poster Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. On his site, he says he advises his students to think like aristocrats, continually searching for the new idea that fits the problem given. During his career, he has had approximately 20 individual shows in major museums and galleries.

For further inspiration from Polish Designers, check out Graphis Issue 315, which features an article by Jane Perlez on Zdeněk Ziegler, a master of Czech graphic design. To view more of Zapart’s work, click here. To check out Kunce’s website, click here.

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