Poster Annual 2017 International Spotlight Submissions: Jordan and Japan

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Left: Designer: Wesam Mazhar Haddad | Client: The Museum of Cultural Heritage | Jordan Right: Designer: Chikako Oguma | Client: Hamada Children’s Museum of Art | Japan

Wesam Mazhar Haddad, a designer based in Jordan, created his poster “Rusted Tears” as part of a campaign to illuminate the global problem of water shortage. Japanese designer Chikako Oguma‘s poster, titled “A Toy Box Full of tupera tupera Picture Books” is inspired by the work of picture book writer tupera tupera.

Other international submissions from the Graphis Archives are from Japanese designers Shin Matsunaga (lower left) and Takashi Akiyama (lower right). Matsunaga’s poster, which won a Graphis Gold Award in 2014, was created for The Ohnomatsu Stable. Akiyama created his poster “Earthquake Japan, Jishin Tsunami,” which won a Graphis Gold Award in 2012, for Tama Art University.

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Left: Designer: Shin Matsunaga | Client: The Ohnomatsu Stable | Japan Right: Designer: Takashi Akiyama | Client: Tama Art University Illustration Studies | Japan

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Author: Graphis