Photography: RJ Muna, David LaChapelle & Caroline Knopf from the US

Graphis is proud to present the works of Publicis UK in collaboration with photographer RJ Muna for Airbus Corporate Jets, along with Catherine Chesters‘ work for MTV and Michele Penasa’s for Kohler, which was shot by Caroline Knopf.

The gold-winning work from Publicis UK‘s RJ Muna for Airbus Corporate Jets (ABOVE) showcases the inherent comfort and beauty that the Airbus jet brings to their clients. The elegiac approach ensured that customers associate the Airbus Corporate Jets with class, luxury, and relaxation. The campaign, entitled “Your World Above the World,” was made in collaboration with artist  Berndnaut Smilde, who instilled a baroque sensibility for the client.


Also featured in this week’s photography spotlight is Catherine Chesters‘ work for MTV (ABOVE, LEFT), shot by David LaChapelleThe Katy Perry-led campaign showcases the host dressed in the iconic MTV astronaut, with a neon iridescent-inspired aesthetic. Simple, yet graceful, the MTV campaign’s aim was to make Perry the “‘moon woman’ who reflects our cultural evolution of gender inclusion.”
Art Director Michele Penasa’s and Photographer Caroline Knopf‘s work for Kohler (ABOVE, RIGHT) is yet another inclusion in this week’s photography feature. The luxurious calm that Penasa is able to instill in his work speaks to the inherent mission that Kohler attempts to exude in their products. Yearning for a “suspension of reality” approach, Kohler entrusted Penasa to “transport you from an everyday urban life to luxury and escape into nature.”
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