Photography: The UK’s Tim Flach and Tara Moore Muse on the Contemporary

The United Kingdom presents excellent work from Tim Flach and Tara Moore.

Graphis is honored to present the gold-winning works from United Kingdom artists Tim Flach and Tara Moore. The photographers have displayed a wondrously imaginative approach that emphasizes the contemporaneous. Whether it’s Moore’s visual discussion regarding our newfound and unbridled approach to identity in the digital age or Flach’s juxtaposition of militarism and environmentalism, the photographers have demonstrated a resounding appreciation of modern day issues.
Tim Flach’s Military Macaw Flying Side On  (ABOVE) from his book Endangered presents a majestic macaw as it flaps its elegiac vibrant tropical wings. The exaggerated primary colors are eye-catching, while the cascading feathers remind viewers of the exaggerated military stripes that overzealous generals and brigadiers don daily. Flach speaks of the irony of the macaw’s existence, saying, “these birds are now so rare in the wild, but because of the prolific pet trade they were easy to source for a studio shoot.”
Tara Moore’s Collage (ABOVE) on the other hand has focused on an equally troubling issue that is gripping society, which is our bizarre and oft-deprecating  sense of self-identity in the modern age. Moore is targeting the digitized commodification of ourselves, the kind of personalized disembodiment that is visually represented via the fluttering pixelation of ourselves and our digital presence. The photographer relays her unfavorable view of this by explaining that she used “analogue collage rather than doing everything digitally.”
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