Photo: New Entry from Karnes Coffey and Silver-Winning Work by Kristopher Burris

The latest entry for the Photography Annual 2020 competition comes from Karnes Coffey, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Richmond, Virginia. Photographer Tom Maher was tasked by the agency to shoot underwater portraits of company dancers for Richmond Ballet’s 2019-2020 season brochure. Maher’s approach to the project involved using dramatic light to showcase the dancers in the water, as if they were performing on stage. He utilized a continuous two point lighting setup above a dark indoor pool, in order to simulate the look of stage spotlights. Entitled “Ballet In The River City” (above), the photographs demand the viewer’s attention. With the support of Lena Pigareva from Alice Blue Studios, the five-part series is both ethereal and magical.

From the Art Institute of Atlanta, photographer Kristopher Burris wins Silver for his entry in the Photography Annual 2019. Entitled “Royalty” (above), the featured model is the focus, as the golden hue of the photo captures the royal atmosphere. Burris utilized location lights to highlight the green and gold color palette. With the warmth of the photograph, the texture and shade of the model’s dress are enhanced. The manipulation of light and shadow also compel the viewer to take a closer look. Burris’ Silver-winning entry embraces elegance with a modern perspective.

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