Packaging: New Entries from Xiaomi and Interweave Group for Packaging 10

The latest entry for the Packaging 10 competition comes from across the world, in China. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi create high quality products with cutting-edge technology, that is made accessible to everyone. The featured project, entitled “Mi Bluetooth Headset Mini” (above), targets the sports headset market. Xiaomi wanted to add personality to their product to appeal to younger customers. They used images of famous musicians in the packaging, which add a creative element to the product. The images amplify a rather minimalistic design with both humor and charm. Xiaomi’s newest entry highlights a low profile product with an artistic concept.

From Australia, Interweave Group dares to bring the music scene to the world of gin, with their latest entry for Packaging 10. Entitled “Four Pillars Sticky Carpet Gin” (above), Interweave Group pay homage to the grand old Espy, in celebration of its reopening. The label design combines Four Pillars Gin and Esplanade Hotel brand elements, to create a unique product that brings together both the past and the future. On the label is a handwritten list of Melbourne punk-rock bands that used to play at the Espy back in the day. The reverse side of the label features three original hand-drawn gig posters by south-side legend Fred Negro, which were discovered during the hotel renovation. With their entry, Interweave Group provide a tribute to a significant venue that contributed greatly to the underground music scene of Melbourne.

Take the opportunity to submit your best packaging designs to the Packaging 10 competition HERE!

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