New Talent: Gold-Winning Work by Caroline Chipman and New Entries from Shiqing Zhu & Jichen Zhu

From the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Professor Mel White and student Caroline Chipman win Gold for the New Talent Annual 2019 with their entry “Decibullz Earplugs.” In order to showcase the benefits of the product in a unique and creative way, Chipman explored how noisy tasks can be made more enjoyable. The first of the three-part series (above) displays a driver on an invisible motorcycle, on the road, seemingly floating in a seated position. Chipman chose to visually exaggerate the benefits of the product by removing the source of the noise. This Gold-winning entry combines a playful approach with straight-forward advertising.

The latest entries for the New Talent Annual 2020 are both from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. The posters featured above are titled “Factory Farming” (left) and “NBA Finals Poster” (right).

With the support of Instructor Scott Buschkuhl, student Shiqing Zhu created a poster based on visual rhetoric, while being tasked with an assigned theme. The focus on factory farming puts the food industry on display, while demonstrating the negative impact behind this dangerous form of production. In their poster, Zhu expresses not only the harm it causes animals, but also human beings. The poster captures the viewer’s attention, while highlighting a significant issue dominating the food industry.

Tasked with designing a poster for the NBA Finals, student Jichen Zhu embraced the rivalry between the two teams, the Cavaliers and Warriors. With their fourth consecutive year in the finals, their desire for a championship is at an all-time high. The poster features a gold background, an illuminated trophy, and the top players from both teams on opposite sides, reaching for that final shot. With the support of Instructor Eileen Hedy Schultz, their latest entry utilizes an appealing design that caters to fans, while highlighting two prominent basketball teams yearning for victory.

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