Packaging 10 Gets Refreshing New Entries

Designers Tiger Pan and Meitao Ye created packaging for their client, Luckin Coffee (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Their client is a fast-growing brand in China with over 4000 offline cafes where coffee is brewed on site. Because of their huge number of cafes, Luckin Coffee has a large consumer base and are now attempting to launch independent products to be sold directly to the consumers. Their products include can coffee, bottled coffee, milky tea, and sparkling water. Pan and Ye had the chance to design the packaging for their drip coffee. 

Pan and Ye titled their packaging design, “Luckin Drip Coffee,”(below) after their client and product. Luckin’s drip coffee has 10 different flavors, each with its own unique packaging design. When displayed altogether on a shelf, all 10 flavors tells a beautiful story of where the coffee came from. 

PepsiCo Design & Innovation celebrates its 60th anniversary of selling its products in Russia with these six unique, collectible, limited-edition can designs titled, “Pepsi 60 Years Ltd Ed Cans,” (above). Each of the six cans represents a different decade; their designs being inspired by the most significant events from that corresponding decade. The designs include the symbolic Russian lettering system and include lettering that resonates emotionally with the consumers.

Enter your refreshingly brilliant packaging designs to the Packing 10 competition!

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