Once A Duckie, Always A Duckie: The Lasting Legacy of Design Agency Turner Duckworth

Turner Duckworth is a design agency that was jointly founded in 1992 in London and San Francisco. Currently, they have an additional location in New York City. Dedicated to defying the norm in design, Turner Duckworth works off their motto, “Love the Unmistakable.” The agency, however, is most acclaimed for its understanding of technology, what makes humans human, and that brand and marketing strategies have to speak to people’s needs while also staying completely true to the company they’re working with. Georgia Ginsberg, the director at Tea Times Trading Ltd., says: “Turner Duckworth had the sensitivity and conceptual depth to move our designs boldly and creatively forward, whilst still honoring Tick Tock’s brand personality.” Turner Duckworth has worked with huge brands such as Amazon, Subway, Coca-Cola, American Red Cross, and Burger King, and have received multiple awards, including the first ever Cannes Grand Prix for Design and a Grammy in 2009 for their design work with the band Metallica. 

Turner Duckworth’s featured rebrands “McDonald’s Global Visual Identity” (above, right), “Miller Lite” (below, left), and “Hornitos Tequila” (below, right) all indicate their ability to successfully redesign signature brands without losing sight of the brand’s original identity. Their simple, sleek, and creative designs truly set Turner Duckworth apart from other design agencies. 

Check out an excerpt from our Q&A with Sarah Moffat (Global Chief Creative Officer at Turner Duckworth) below: 

Who have been some of your favorite people or clients you have worked with?

We have a saying that “once a Duckie, always a Duckie,” and this sentiment extends beyond our immediate team. Over the years, some of our clients have become honorary Duckies and as much a part of the pond as anyone; these are our favourites (though one shouldn’t really choose). They are the ones who understand the value of great design so much so that our friendships span decades and careers. It’s true what they say about birds of a feather.

What is some advice you’d tell a student that you wish you had known when you first started out?

Design isn’t a job or a career, it’s a calling. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

What is your work philosophy?

Could it be better?

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