Flawless Fish and Historical Tea: The Latest Packaging 10 Entries

Whether you enjoy a fancy seafood dinner or a hot cup of tea, these Packaging 10 entries have whatever it is you’re looking for!

Austrian designer Christine Puchner studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg. She’s currently studying to become a 64keys expert and does freelance graphic design work from her studio near Vienna. Puchner has received many awards and recognition from various publications and competitions like the 1996 17th International Biennale of Graphic-Design in Brno, Czech Republic.

Her entry “Canned Fish ‘Young Chars’ for a Viennese Manufactory” was designed for Hink Manufaktur Wien, a producer of artisan meat spreads. The design features a delicate box with hand-drawn fish wrapping around the front. The deep blue background allows for the subtle streaks of vibrant red of the fishes’ bodies to pop. Additionally, the iconic Hink Manufaktur Wien logo, emblazoned in white, is situated at the top. Even if you’re not a seafood lover, you’ll appreciate Puchner’s design that captures the company’s motto, “enjoyment and passion.”

SoFeng Design is a comprehensive design studio that was originally founded in Italy in 2016 by creative director Sha Feng and art director Jiayi Lu. In 2018, they opened a branch in Suzhou, China. Their focus is creating art design while ensuring a comfortable and beautiful experience for customers and the general public. Their services include brand packaging design, interior design, visual brand development, and brand identity design, among many others.

The Meaninghall Tea” (above) was made for the Suzhou Dongshan Weipinsiji Agricultural Products Firm, located in Suzhou, and their brand The Meaninghall. Suzhou is a small city with centuries-old history, and is also known for its famous green tea. Feng and Lu’s packaging includes paper that’s of the same texture as the walls of the town’s history center. Additionally, they use three symbols for each box in this product: “the mountain,” “the lake, and “the hall,” which refer to three sites that are incredibly important to Suzhou and its history. Feng and Lu’s design perfectly unites tradition with modern design, and this packaging received the 2020 A’Design Silver Award, Italy as well as the 2020 AD STARS Crystal Award. 

Our Packaging 10 Competition closes on April 13! Submit your entries here.

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