Omdesign (PT) Taps Into the Essence of Their Clients One Brand at a Time. Featured in Journal #366!

Diogo Gama Rocha is the founder of one of Portugal’s leading design and branding agencies, Omdesign. They have won over 250 national and international design awards, including the World Luxury Award, Red Dot, and the Pentawards, Omdesign sets the standard for design in advertising and hints at the future of design with a passion for innovative branding.

Rocha’s career began at ESAD College of Art and Design, Matosinhos, Portugal, later earning his Masters in Marketing and International Trade at the ESADE, Barcelona. Omdesign launched in 1998 and today he has led it to be a respected and influential agency working with leading global brands. Graphis was honored to interview him for an insightful Q&A on Omdesign and his career.

The above work is some of his featured packaging designs in the Graphis Journal #366. Made for Omdesign’s client, Quinta do Crasto, “Honore Port” was created for a historic vineyard estate in the Douro celebrating its 400th anniversary. The title was inspired by the Quinta do Crasto founder’s motto, “Honore et Labore,” meaning, “Honor the labor.”

Another featured work is the Omdesign 2016 Packaging (feature image) described as, “The seed of our commitment to the future,” by Rocha himself. This self-promotion packaging uses two Portuguese icons, port wine and cork. The design represents the year Omdesign was founded, 1998, and how many awards Omdesign had won in 2016: 89. Cheers to Diogo Gama Rocha and Omdesign.

Here’s what Rocha had to say about success and his most difficult challenge from his Q&A in his Journal feature.

How do you define success? 

Success is only a way to achieve the defined goals. The success of our customers is Omdesign’s success. At Omdesign, we believe that if it actually exists; a key to success, it is hard work.

What is the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome?

To satisfice my constant dissatisfaction, by believing and wanting projects to always be a little bit better is a big challenge. Every day the most difficult challenge we have to overcome at Omdesign is to always create distinctive and innovative solutions for our clients, never forgetting that simplicity is a plus, because often (if not always) less is more

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