Platinum and Gold Photography 2020 Winners Show a “Wild and Rugged” America

In this Platinum-winning entry from last year’s 2020 Photography awards, photographer Nick Hall captures the southern Alaskan seascape of Bristol Bay in “Perryville, AK” for Bristol Bay Native Corporation. Hall sought to photograph the “wild and rugged” rocky shores in order to bring out the majestic natural beauty of the Bay. Both Platinum-winning images showcase the mystique and majesty of Alaska with jutting rockscapes and foaming waves, complemented beautifully by contrasting sandy blue shores and pink skies.

Next, Bruce DeBoer presents his Gold-winning (and aptly named) photo, “Cowboy on a White Horse” for Oryx Creatives. Set in an abandoned tractor factory, DeBoer’s photo draws the eye to the center where a cowboy sits upon a beautiful white horse. The contrast between the bright horse, cowboy, and the dull, dusty factory gives a feeling of the passing of time, encompassing another “wild and rugged” America.

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Author: Graphis

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