Nudes5: Rosanne Olson & Art Wolfe

The deadline for our Nudes 5 competition is October 3rd. You can submit your work at any time before then!

Both photographs above are submissions from photographer Rosanne Olson from Seattle. From left to right, “Bourée” was captured as part of an exhibition’s fine art series, and “This Is Who I Am: Body Image” is a series of portraits as part of Olson’s long-term project (and a book, titled This is Who I Am—our beauty in all shapes and sizes) of women boldly displaying their bodies and experiences to drive home the point that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and to make peace with our body image without conceding to society’s perceptions of beauty.
The above Gold Award-winning photo from Art Wolfe, also based in Seattle, titled “Human Canvas” was shot for Wildlands Press. More of this stunning series can be viewed on our website.
You still have some time to enter your work into the Nudes5 competition! The earlier you enter, the higher your chances for getting exposure on your blog and social media platforms.
Author: Graphis