New Talent: Brad Bartlett, Clive Piercy & More

The New Talent Annual 2018 competition is ready to receive your entries––We invite you to start competing in your field before graduation! Above and below are some colorful posters submitted from talented Professors and students from Art Center College of Design, located in California.

The poster above on the left, which won a Platinum Award in New Talent Annual 2016, came out of Professor Brad Bartlett‘s class. Designed by his student, Patrick Slack, whose approach was to “develop a transmedia identity system that lives and across multiple media touchpoints with some of those allowing for unique interactions.” The 2017 Gold Award-winning poster on the right was created by Charles Lin under the direction of Professor Clive Piercy, for his mock client thee 57th Annual Franz Liszt Festival — “Mephisto In Metropolis.” See below for more work!


The above (left) was designed by Charles Lin under the direction of Professors Sean Adams and Chris Hacker, which won a Gold Award in New Talent Annual 2017. The poster beside it (right) also came out of Professor Brad Bartlett’s class; his student, Cynthia Lou, designed it for the Chroma Center.
We can’t wait to receive all of this year’s entries from schools around the world! Submit your work early for a greater chance of getting additional exposure on our blog, website, and social media platforms.
Author: Graphis