Coloring Outside the Box

New talents emerge each year, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Among them is Abigail Lund, a recent Texas Christian University graduate. The project, “Lumen Colored Pencils,” mentored by Professor William Galyean, garnered a prestigious Gold Award in New Talent 2023 for packaging design. This high achievement highlights her dedication to blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Abigail’s design shines through in the Lumen Colored Pencils project, where every detail is crafted to serve the creative’s functional needs and quest for creative inspiration.

By: Abigail Lund

Lumen is a premium quality art supply brand that creates products designed to best serve the artist. This is evident in the package design for The Luminance colored pencil set. The box features two main parts: the outer sleeve and the main roll-out interior. The sleeve holds the interior box together and contains all necessary information for the artist, from the colors included to descriptions of the quality and texture of the pencils. Once the outer sleeve is removed, the interior box can be untied and rolled out to either a flat or standing layout, where the colored pencils are divided by color group into 4 sections.

The overall design focuses on the stained glass theme to reference the artistic inspiration that can be found in light interacting with color. The stained-glass paneling relates to the possibilities of colored pencils through the endless color combinations and references the impact color palettes have on each work of art. The outside of the interior box is lined with 4 large stained-glass panels that line up to create a cohesive quadriptych design. On the other side, four smaller panels are printed opposite the pencil color names to bring a pop of color to the simple design. The overall white box allows for the color of the stained glass and the pencils to dominate the design and accentuate their vibrancy. Because the interior box can easily roll out onto a flat surface, the packaging also allows easy access to the pencils when used.

Every detail of the packaging is designed to serve the artist in functionality and creative inspiration. While the outer sleeve contains all the necessary information, like pencil type and colors, the inside can serve as a permanent storage container and a decorative piece that the artist can admire and use as inspiration while working. These luxury, high-quality art supplies are meant for artists serious about their work and the quality of the materials they use to make it. Lumen is passionate about making products worthy of art that are made to last and meant to be admired. This packaging design reflects that mindset in its look, feel, and functionality.

Abigail Lund is a multi-disciplinary designer who craves a challenge and loves to create. She has an eye for the finest details and a love for unique packaging. She’s not afraid to think outside the box or try new mediums in order to bring her vision into full light. She recently graduated from Texas Christian University with a BFA in graphic design and is continuously working on honing her skills as a professional. However, Abigail often finds that design bleeds into every aspect of her life and is always finding new ways to utilize her skills in unexpected places.

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Author: Graphis