School of Visual Arts, NYC

The advertisement above was created by Seona Kim from multi-Platinum Winners

Jack Mariucci and Robert Mackall‘s class. Other Professors from SVA include Scott BuschkuhlKatelyn JungT.M. Davy, and Thomas Woodruff, among others. See below for more. 

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The work above was designed in Frances Jetter‘s classroom by student Simoon Kim
(left), and Kali Ciesemar‘s student Nami Farrell (right).


The illustration above was created by T.M. Davy & Thomas Woodruff‘s student Gabrielle GomezThe Design below (left) was made by Chen Ying from Carin Goldberg‘s class. The illustration (right) was made by Chris Buzelli & Marcos Chin‘s student Katelyn Jung.

2016-09-28 2016-09-28-1

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