New Entries to the Graphis Design Annual 2021 from USA Designers: Dunn&Co and Anne M. Giangiulio

Grant Gunderson of Dunn&Co previously submitted his above “Skagway Spirits” work to the Packaging 10 competition. He has also submitted it to the Design Annual 2021. The original theme of the Klondike Gold Rush needed to be reinvented and enhanced in order to become eye-catching and striking to consumers. Skagway Spirits wanted a package design that evoked not only the image of Alaska, but the energy that the miners had. Although many of them did not achieve a positive result from the gold rush, it was their pioneer spirit that the rebranding approach wanted to center in on.

Anne M. Giangiulio has redesigned a year-end report that normally has a common approach, but she has added her own touch of traditional culture to the item in the above “Ysleta del Sur Pueblo 2018 Year-End Report.” Ysleta del Sur Pueblo is a federally recognized Native American Tribe, and publishes a report outlining the various improvements and challenges the tribe experiences over the course of a year. As a designer, Giangiulio took notice of the cultural history of crafting and pottery, and incorporated elements of it through imagery of feathers and flowers. Anne M. Giangiulio also designs posters, having previously participated and won Merit in our Poster Annual 2017.

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