Graphis Master Zula Alpha Kilo Agency (CAN) Continues to Inspire and Impress with their Designs

Founded by Zak Mroueh, Zula Alpha Kilo is a Canadian advertising agency that has worked with clients such as Audi, Tim Hortons, and UBER among many others. They have won numerous prestigious awards, notably being the first non-US agency to win the AdAge Small Agency of the Year award in 2016. Their designs often encompass both wit and aesthetic, and have been featured in our Graphis Journal Issue #357.

The above Collingwood Elvis Festival series was created based around the festival of the same name, perfectly demonstrating their creative vision. These posters promoted the gathering of Elvis impersonators and were also based on the idea that “anyone can be Elvis,” with men and women dressed up in the singer’s iconic costumes. The posters won Gold in the Advertising Annual 2017.

Zulu Alpha Kilo are well-known for their stance on “No Spec Work.” They believe that spec work borders on the unethical and that work should be paid for. Their campaign, “Say No to Spec Buttons” above, promotes this viewpoint with buttons displaying different ways to say no in the style of various ad agencies.

The character and wit of the creatives at Zulu Alpha Kilo are put on full display in their posters and advertisements. They have built their brand as a disruptive force in the advertising world. Even their website, a playful parody of the typical ad agency website, sets them apart from their peers.

See more of Zulu Alpha Kilo’s unique and exciting work in their Graphis Master Portfolio!

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