“Monkey Around” with BONBO: This Week’s Packaging 10 Entries

In this week’s Packaging 10 competition submissions, “monkey around” in NYC with Wallace Church & Co. and get an artful keepsake you and your family can treasure forever with BONBO cutlery from KINTO in Japan.

Wallace Church & Co. started in New York City, founded based on Church’s desire “to do great work that people cared about.” Since then, the agency has expanded to both San Francisco and Los Angeles and served clients such as Target, Pepsico, and P&G. Inspired by common phrases in the English language, designer Stan Church of Wallace Church & Co. in New York City decided to bring one to life on a promotional wine bottle. Using “Monkeying Around” as their phrase, they immediately started sketching. Illustrators were then reviewed and selected, the spot ultimately going to Brendan Wenzel. Wenzel’s illustrations bring colorful and whimsical fun to an otherwise dark and boring black bottle, and “Monkeying Around” is now brought to fruitful life on Wallace Church & Co.’s promotional wine bottle.

Next up, we have “BONBO” designed by Atsushi Ishiguro of OUWN creative studio in Tokyo. Ishiguro was commissioned by KINTO Japan, a brand that markets various household goods, to create bright and fun packaging for BONBO, their line of cutlery for babies. The aim was to create a package that could act as a souvenir and excite both baby and parent. To accomplish this, Ishiguro expresses the organic form of the plate with bold lines and utilizes the size notation on the side of the plate to add some playfulness. The bottom is, surprisingly, all black, inspired by outdoor play, and represents a strong shadow cast by the sun in order to express the innocence, energy, and power of children. After winning an award in a Japanese package competition, BONBO was exhibited at a design exhibition in Japan and a package exhibition in Brazil. The products have been presented in various ways, and many people also buy the product online, which greatly contributes to sales. Because of the success of BONBO’s first series, KINTO decided that different cutlery from the same series would be released; this led to a second series!   

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