In Memory of Michael Patrick Cronan (1951-2013)

Michael Patrick Cronan 1
“Chalk Box”, November 2001

Michael Patrick Cronan (June 9, 1951 – January 1, 2013) was a multi-talented, award-winning American graphic designer, artist, and an American Institute of Graphic Arts Fellow. He was one of the founders of the San Francisco Bay Area postmodern movement in graphic design that became known as the “Pacific Wave,” and a recognized corporate identity designer, acknowledged for the naming and the identities of TiVo, Verio, the Indigo, the Amazon Kindle, and the Onyx and Crimson computer lines for Silicon Graphics (SGI).

In addition to his wife, Karin Hibma, Mr. Cronan is survived by his sons, Shawn Hibma Cronan and Nick Cronan; a brother, Christopher; a sister, Patricia Cronan; and a granddaughter.

Michael Patrick Cronan 2
“Raymond III”, October 2003
Michael Patrick Cronan 3
“Lilies III, October 2003”
Author: Kayla Harris for Graphis

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