Raise Your Glass for Two New Entries from Australia & China in the Packaging 10 Competition!

Designers Phoebe Besley and Annette Harcus, working as a part of Harcus Design, were tasked to rebrand and restructure the portfolio of Bethany Wines. Similarly, designers Tiger Pan, Longfei Xiao, Zhiyi Jiang, Jun Xia, Meixi Pan, Leti Liu, Yafen Zhong, and Xufan Lu, working as a part of Shenzhen Tiger Pan Packaging Design Co., Ltd., created a notably specific package design for Bestore Co., Ltd. 

Harcus Design was asked to elevate Bethany Wines’ reserve labels; the client wanted to more comprehensively represent the pinnacle of winemaking in line with the credentials of the wine. The label would act as a means to tell a story, to project their history, and to exude their stature. This reserve range of wines was a series of ‘chapters’ that each honored various people and their heritage, highlighting their respective contributions to the Bethany Wine’s 165-year history. Harcus Design incorporated Bethany Wines’ use of ‘chapters’ into the titling of their packaging, “Chapters / GR & LE” (above).

Bestore is a leading enterprise of leisure food in China, with over 1,800 SKU of products. Handy Gift is a major series among all, as the branch market of gifts is targeted to reinforce its share of the snack market. Shenzhen Packaging conducted different consuming scene studies before designing the packaging. To attract more women towards the brand, Shenzhen used a belt on their packaging design, “Bestore Handy Gift series,”(above) in order to symbolize slimness; this symbol shows consumers that the snacks won’t cause weight gain. 

The Packaging 10 competition is still accepting submissions until December 1, 2020, so submit your packaging designs today!

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