Love Each Other, Love the Earth: Four New Protest Posters 2 Entries

With a multitude of styles and mediums, the newest entries in our Protest Posters 2 Competition make a point to remind us to be nice to not only other people, but to our planet as well. 

First is American illustrator David Habben’s “Yearning to Breathe Free” (above, left). Using brightly-colored, abstract ink brush strokes combined with digital effects, Habben emphasizes the terror and chaos immigrants and refugees face trying to cross the United States border. Closer inspection of the poster reveals several motifs, such as birds and running water; Habban hopes these details encourage viewers to think more deeply about the subject at hand.

You can “hear” the purpose behind Andrew Sloan’s poster loud and clear. With a loud yellow background and big exclamation point, “Screamer” (above, right) is an instantly recognizable image regarding climate change and its possible solutions. The British designer got the poster idea after reading an article in the Guardian Newspaper (Oct 25, 2019) that highlighted the enormous potential offshore wind farms have to supply the world with electricity.

American artist Joshua Lowe explores the sensation of a fractured society in his poster “Tally Marks” (above, left). Against a black background, five metallic tally marks, made up of more tally marks, run the length of the poster. Lowe’s goal is to draw attention to our most vulnerable, who can only count the days until things change, and remind us to show care and compassion to each other.

Lastly, we have another climate crisis call to action with Keith Kitz’s “Help! I’m Burning!” (above, right). The American designer created a collage out of vintage, contemporary, and handmade imagery, featuring a suited man shading his head from the sun. Unbeknownst to him, a barrage of images, including an Earth on fire, is set to strike him down, showing how no one is safe from global warming.

The deadline for our Protest Posters 2 Competition has been extended, so if you have a piece you’d like to submit, you can do so here.

Author: Graphis

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