Limited Time: Social&Political Posters for $36 (70% off)

For a limited time, Graphis Social & Political Protest Posters can still be purchased for $36 (70% off retail price of $120)!

The book presents powerful political, environmental, social and anti-war statements from award-winning designers Takashi Akiyama, Andrea Castelletti, Pascal Colrat, Paul Garbett, Milton Glaser, Mark Gowing, Götz Gramlich, Toshiaki & Hisa Ide, Scott Laserow, Boris Ljubicic, Armando Milani, Brad Norr, Finn Nygaard, Harry Pearce, Pete Rossi, Ryan Russell, Jan Sabach and Hajime Tsushima, among many others.
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The subjects confronted are anti-war, anti-violence, the environment, disasters, human rights, and politics. There are also statements with extraordinary foresight from several influential historic figures throughout the book––Get the book to find out who made the statements above.
Hurry! This deal ends this Thursday, August 3rd, 11:59am.
Author: Graphis