Limited Time: New Talent Annual 2017 for $36

For a limited time only, New Talent Annual 2017 is available for $36 (70% off)!

The book feature’s impressive student work guided by Platinum Award-winning Professors, including the following: in Advertising: Frank Anselmo, Robert Mackall, Jack Mariucci, Kevin O’Neill, and Mark Smith; in Design: Matt Delbridge, Tina Fong, Thomas McNulty, Theron Moore, Samuel Rhodes, Adrian Pulfer, and Eileen Hedy Schultz, and in Film: Frank Anselmo, Robert Mackall, Jack Mariucci, Hye Sung Park, and Lanny Sommese.
Also included is an essay on Jack Mariucci, written by Professor Richard Wilde of the School of Visual Arts, along with some of Mariucci’s best student work of the year.

Hurry to take advantage of this offer! The deal ends on Thursday, October 19.

Author: Graphis