New Talent: Art Center College of Design, California

The poster above (left) was designed by Benjamin Schwartz under the direction of Professor Gerardo Herrera at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The assignment was to design an identity system for the Santa Barbara Zoo, and the student created a series of calendar of events posters.

The Gold Award-winning poster beside it was designed by student Charles Lin under the direction of Professors Sean Adams & Chris Hacker. Created for mock client werkhaus9, the purpose of the poster was to “recruit designers for a fellowship to an experimental furniture & workplace development lab.”


The above Gold Award-winning typeface design was entered by Jay Kim under the direction of Professor Brad Bartlett. Created as a “micro identity” based on string theory, “Manifold Reality” is an exhibition that explores a compactification of hidden dimensions. The typographic poster beside it (right), a new entry to our 2018 competition, is part of a series designed by student Yi Mao with the guidance of Professor John Nettleton. The assignment was to design “three informational posters about type classifications. The posters should work together as a set but each one will present and promote only one type category.”

There isn’t much time left to submit to the New Talent Annual 2018 competition! The deadline is Tuesday, October 31.

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Author: Graphis